"Our Power, Our Equality" panel is organized by Yeşim Textile

2 October 2018

Yeşim's sustainability journey

7 August 2018

The most reputable company in the textile sector; Yeşim Textile

17 July 2018

A Global Step From Yeşim Textile

22 June 2018

Our basic philosophy at Yeşim is "People First"

21 May 2018

Yeşim Academy is opened

19 April 2018

The Most Innovative Company is Yeşim

19 March 2018

Yeşim Textile Received "Brand Adding Value to the City" Award

21 December 2017

Innovation award to Yeşim Textile

13 December 2017

An innovative product from Yeşim

16 October 2017

Yeşim signature on the beach fashion

3 July 2017

Yeşim Kindergarten was in the USA news

22 June 2017

Yeşim Textile has told its inspiring story

29 May 2017

Yeşim's sustainability journey

3 May 2017

An environment friendly, comfortable, and innovative fabric from Yeşim

28 February 2017

Yeşim's kindergarten was chosen as the best example

13 February 2017

Sustainable Step in Energy

02 January 2017

Yeşim Textile lead the Women's Empowerment

14 December 2016

Business World Collaborates "For Gender Equality"

14 November 2016

Project "Equality at home and work" beginning

10 October 2016

Manufactured by Yeşim Textile worn by Adriana Lima

18 August 2016

Mothers of TEGV received their certificates

9 June 2016

If a woman changes, society changes

20 May 2016

Healthcare services by Yeşim Textile to its employees

21April 2016

Yeşim gets full marks in sustainability

1 February 2015

Yeşim Textile, One of the Best Examples from Turkey

22 December 2015

Butterflies will beat wings for the "mothers of TEGV"

20 November 2015

European Funds to the World of Butterfly

4 August 2015

Yeşim keeps its global promise

21 July 2015

Yeşim Social Compliance Summit

7 May 2015

 We have undersigned the WEP's Principles...

 6 March 2015

Yeşim Textile Inc. gets full marks for social compliance

24th May 2013

Yeşim keeps its global promise

12 November 2012

Yeşim Textile has become a member of BCI to promote better cotton

30 April 2012

Yeşim Receives Two Awards From Uludağ Exporters Union

31 January 2012

Innovative T-shirts brought Awards to Yeşim

10 January 2012

Yeşim Textile and Kipaş cooperation for Better Cotton


03 August 2011

GSV safety guarantee at Yeşim

14 June 2011

Yeşim Kids Participate in the “Mini TEMA” Project

01 June 2011

Yeşim Textile News

05 April 2011

Yeşim keeps its global promise

16 March 2011

A Meaningful Award to Yeşim from Burberry

12 November 2010

"Yeşim Home" brands meets customers

21 July 2010

Yeşim Textile "Best Practise"

12 July 2010

Şenol Şankaya to Join the IAF Board

21 June 2010

"Yeşim Recycle" brand showcased for home textiles

10 June 2010

Şankaya Heads the Uludağ Exporters´ Association

12 May 2010

Yeşim Textile walks hand in hand with ÜSİGEM

24 March 2010

Yeşim Receives an Award

09 March 2010

Yeşim introduces environment-friendly brands

18 February 2010

Award at the R&D Project Market

16 February 2010

Exports Performance Award

09th January 2010

Environment friendly leather fabric from Yeşim

10th December 2009

With its website, Yeşim is one click ahead

17th December 2009

Yeşim's social compliance efforts continued in Vienna

19th November 2009

Swine flu rally at Yeşim

11th November 2009

Double the happiness with each flower you send

21st October 2009

Winners Receive Yesim Strategy Contest Awards

9th September 2009

Yesim Textile is in United Nations Bulletin

3rd August 2009

Yeşim keeps its global promise

15th April 2009

The Şükrü Şankaya Scholarship” promises hope

3rd March 2009

Managment is a Woman’s Right