Yesim Social Activity Clubs

Having made the “People First” philosophy one of its key corporate principles, Yesim Textile supports the social lives of its employees by organizing an impressive range of social activities.

Under the guidance of the Corporate Communications Department, a wide variety of activities in various fields have been realized by the Social Activity Clubs. The activities of these clubs, whose membership and activities are open to all employees on a voluntary basis, add to the diversity of members’ social lives and contribute to the personal development of employees.

Yeşim Children’s Club

The Women and Children’s Club

The Women and Children’s Club at Yesim Textile, one of Turkey’s largest employers of women, was established in 2002 to organize activities of particular interest to female employees and their children to contribute to their personal development. As well as organizing a variety of social activities, the club, open only to female employees, has set up a range of applications and gatherings designed to address gender and women’s issues and the personal development of its members. The World of Butterfly project, which was initiated by Yeşim Textile Women and Children’s Club and Uludağ Soroptimist Club for women, has received EURO 5 000 from the Soroptimist International Europe Action Fund.

Innovation and Technology Club

Open to all Yesim Textile employees, the club organizes a wide range of activities related to innovation and technology in support of employees’ personal development in this field.

Environment and Social Responsibility Club

The Environment and Social Responsibility Club aims to further awareness and support amongst employees for the concepts of volunteerism, Social Responsibility and environmentalism that are essential elements of Yesim Textile’s corporate culture. The club promotes sustainability models in organizing a range of activities and projects of benefit to society and the environment.

Sports Club

Yeşim Sport ClubThe Sports Club organizes a variety of activities in every sporting field, with the objective of enriching employees’ lives by bringing sport into the centre of their leisure time, as well as using sport as a vehicle for creating bonding opportunities and improving inter-personal communications.

Travel, Entertainment and Arts Club

The Travel, Entertainment and Arts Club arranges entertaining and stimulating trips and activities that aim to increase motivational levels and promote general communication between employees while adding color to the social lives of members.

Positive Thinking Club

The Positive Thinking Club’s mission is to spread the positive thinking system, dissolving stress and increasing positive energy through various activities that spread the positive thinking concept through every level of the company, leading to happier and more productive employees.

Yesim Futurists Club

Futurist Club members are dedicated to activities that further futurism, a branch of science that seeks to develop scientifically sound ways to develop scenarios for the future of individuals, corporations, and societies. The club exists for their personal development and that of those around them. It creates self-improving, visionary and innovative projects for a positive future designed to develop members as individuals who value the need for a future based on respect for humanity and the environment.

Fashion Club

Following fashion trends and developments closely, the club unites famous designers with Yeşim personnel by the activities it organizes. Numerous designers including but not limited to Nejla Güvenç, Dilek Hanif, Mehtap Elaidi, Deniz Kaprol, Günseli Türkay and Niyazi Erdoğan gave speeches at Yeşim as invited guests of the club until now.