To be a part of Yeşim

To work in Yeşim, you can follow our applications and apply via “” our external portal. You can also make your applications by coming to our factory and filling in a job application form.


Yesim Textile works with some of the most internationally renowned brands in the apparel sector and supports the development of its employees in every field, creating a dynamic, innovative and participative working environment. The main objective of the recruitment process is to select personnel conforming to the company’s management policy and corporate culture, who will go on to maintain and develop the dynamism and productivity of the workplace.

Yeşim Human Resources

Firstly, preliminary interviews are made with the candidates who are found suitable for the position from the Candidate Application Pool. Candidates who are evaluated positively as a result of the interview are invited to Yeşim for a detailed interview. All the necessary tests for competency-based interviews and positions are made to the invited candidates. According to the characteristics of the position, reference control is made for the candidates who are evaluated positively as a result of the interviews. The candidate, who is evaluated positively by the Human Resources and related department, is offered a salary according to the position / level scale used by the company in wage management. If the candidate, who is considered positive, accepts the salary offer, a letter of acceptance and a list of documents is sent to the job. Job is given on the specified date.


In order to our newly recruited employees learn and recognize our company and business processes, are made a two-stage program, general and department orientation:

• 3-day company orientation program applies, and Orientation certificate and Orientation Booklet are given at the end of the program.
• After the application of the general orientation program, the section orientation in the job description is applied.

Students at trade / vocational institutions

Internship at Yeşim

 and high schools who are required to perform an internship or apprenticeship as part of their education fill in application forms at Yesim Textile Human Resources Department  between February and March each year. Interviews with applicants are made, and as a result of the evaluations, positive or negative feedback is given to all candidates in May.

Performance Evaluation

In line with company strategies, Company Goals, Department Goals, Unit Goals and Individual Goals are created at the beginning of each year and are tracked in the online system. The targets set are reviewed every six months, and performance evaluations are made in line with the meetings held every six months and annually.

Pay Determination

Turkey and widely used by corporate firms in the world Korn Ferry Group system is used. While determining the salary, job analysis and job evaluation studies are carried out. The remuneration system is determined according to the positions and levels formed as a result of these studies and analyzes.