Yesim Textile works with some of the most internationally renowned brands in the apparel sector and supports the development of its employees in every field, creating a dynamic, innovative and participative working environment. The main objective of the recruitment process is to select personnel conforming to the company’s management policy and corporate culture, who will go on to maintain and develop the dynamism and productivity of the workplace.

Yeşim Human Resources

To this end, candidates from the Application Pool considered suitable are invited to Yesim and given a proficiency based interview, technical exam (if required) and personality tests. References are followed in the case of selected candidates according to the specific criteria of the position. The process concludes with a meeting in which the company’s job offer is presented and discussed.

In order that new employees are fully trained and at ease with Yesim Textile, its ethos and procedures:

• The new employee participates in a detailed one-month orientation program ,
• All required documentation is obtained,
• A ‘buddy’ is appointed from the new employee’s department
• After 3 months, a post-trial period evaluation interview takes place

Applying to Work at Yesim

White Collar

Applications for open positions are made through

Blue Collar

Applications for open positions are made through direct application at Yesim Textile’s premises

Internship Applications

Summer and Winter Internships (University and Vocational High Schools and Vocational Higher Education Institutions)

Students at trade / vocational institutions and high schools who are required to perform an internship or apprenticeship as part of their education fill in application forms at Yesim Textile Human Resources Department or over between 1st and 28th February each year. Applicants are informed of the company’s decision by letter during the month of May.


External Training

Three-month external training programs are designed for development of employees’ personal skills and attributes, technical knowledge and to update and inform them on current technological innovations. These training programs are planned and implemented in line with the employee’s position and development plan.

Internal training

Internal trainers are employed within the organization with a view to enhancing technical knowledge of employees and providing legally required annual trainings. Legally required trainings and vocational trainings is delivered through the internal training organization.

Performance Evaluation

Every year, performance relating to the following targets is systematically examined by way of a target implementation system:

• Company Targets
• Board Targets
• Management Targets
• Divisional Targets
• Personal Targets

Specified targets are examined every six months and performance evaluations are made according to the six-month and one-year outcomes.

Pay Determination

As is widely done by many professional corporations in Turkey and internationally, Yesim Textile operates the Hay Job Evaluation System in setting its pay structure. Salary increases are determined every January based on performance interviews and taking advantage of accumulated data from research studies on pay carried out by numerous corporations.

Yesim Library

Yesim Textile has a rich library which includes 1400 books as Turkish and world literature classics, history books, management and personal growth books. All Yesim employees can take these books free of charge.