The Future is Lean

Yeşim Tekstil Lean ManagementYesim Textile continues its work first started under the title “Lean Thinking/Lean Production” in 2006. The project works to spread lean practices and lean management concepts not only through the production units, but with the involvement of Business Units, planning department, support units, office and clerical divisions and suppliers.

It is now taken for granted at Yesim Textile that there will be a focus on the Lean Production value approach in each existing process. The withdrawal of processes and activities that do not add value, and kaizen techniques of continuous improvement, are significant and beneficial.

The extension of the target approach to management throughout the workforce, and the continuous monitoring of every unit’s performance, are key factors that contribute to Yesim Textile’s progress towards its “TRUE NORTH” business results.

True North

All our employees have fully internalized the concepts of communication, teamwork, sharing, team spirit and creating value, as part of the Lean process at Yesim Textile. Indeed, this is the most significant source of the company’s success in Lean Production.