Voluntary Projects

As Yesim Textile gives priority to giving back what it takes from society within a highly developed sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, the company has realized numerous voluntary sector projects. Beyond those voluntary projects designed mainly for the firm’s own employees, the social responsibility projects supported by Yesim Textile within the context of its own corporate objectives and missions can be grouped onto three categories.


Yesim Textile highly values the personal development of its employees as well.  For this reason, it has started social activity clubs with the help of volunteer employees. At these social activity clubs, self-development of employees is promoted and awareness for volunteering is created and popularized within the organization.

The World of Butterfly

Yesim Textile Women and Children's Club and Uludağ Soroptimist Club have actualized a project called "The World of the Butterfly" with the purpose of spreading awareness in Yesim's women in the topics of education, health and self-growth in 2013. In order to increase women's awareness, The World of  Butterfly project, with the slogan "If the woman changes, society changes", performed activities in three main categories: "Women and Health", "Women and Law", and "Women and Family/ Personal development". There are many workshops ranging from legal rights of women to correct use of nutrition within the scope of the project. The workshops are assisted by many activities taking place at the company and by voluntary consulting by the members of Uludağ Soroptimist Club for Yesim's women.


Every 2 months an e-newsletter is published in Turkish and English about all the activities in the project. In order to promote the project and increase visilibility, facebook ve twitter are actively used sharing tools utilized both in English and Turkish.


This successful project in action since 2013 was selected for a grant of 5.000 euros from the Soroptimist International Europe Action Fund in 2015 due to it being sustainable, creating value in women's lives and supporting their development.


"The World of the Butterfly" Project will bring hope to not only Yeşim employees but all of Bursa women with its second part launched in 2015 November. From now on, the butterflies will also spread their wings and fly for the mothers of the children who part of the Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) as well Yesim Textile women. In this second part of the project, the workshops and consulting services for Yesim's women continue and an additional 6-month certificate program for TEGV mothers called "I am walking towards the future with my child" is implemented.


Equality at home and work

Yeşim Textile, which is one of the companies that employes a great number of women under one roof in Turkey, launches a new project called "Equality at home and work" project in order to provide gender equality at work place and develop a work culture which intolerates violence against women. Yeşim Textile which has been chosen as one of the 17 pilot companies in Turkey aims to raise an  awareness among its employees about the issue with its "Equality at Home and Work" project prepared by Sabancı University Administration Forum with the cooperation of  Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association  and the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) with the support of Sabancı Foundation for "Workplace Policies Development and Application Guide Related to Domestic Violence aganist women".

Two representatives of Yeşim Textile attended with others from 17 companies in Turkey the seminars given by Sabancı University Institutional Administrative Forum about "the concept of gender equality", " types of violence", "legal framework" and " training skills". Within the scope of " Equality at home and work" all of the employees will be trained in accordance with these trainings about gender equality. Besides to give directions to these studies, also a commitee was constituted called as "Gender Equality Commitee” in which manavers and representatives of union within the company. It is aimed to constitute a system which will direct the units to give psychologic and legal support to employees who are exposed to violence at home or work place in the studies of this commitee's leadership. Within all these studies Yeşim Textile will cooperate with Mor Salkım Women' s Solidarity Association especially for women who are exposed to violence.


Gender Equality Policy


Yesimspor Club

YeşimSporYesimspor Club was founded on 24th January 2003 in order to provide wider possibilities for sporting activities for the young people of Bursa, and to nurture the team’s own basketball players of tomorrow. Yesimspor has enjoyed considerable success in Bursa, recognized by numerous awards and medals obtained at national level.

Non Fee-paying Sports Schools

Non Fee-paying Sports SchoolsInstituted by Turkey’s National Olympic Committee, the Non Fee-paying Sports Schools Project’s main sponsors for 2006-20007 were Turkcell and Nike, and together with Yesim Textile’s support, 15,000 children were given sporting opportunities in 35 schools in less advantaged parts of the Marmara and Anatolia regions of Turkey.

Sukru Sankaya Football School

Sukru Sankaya Football School

Through moral and material support given to the Sukru Sankaya Football School set up by the Bursaspor Professional Footballers Association, hundreds of children have been given the chance to play sports under professional conditions


Sukru Sankaya Commemoration Forest - 2006Yesim Textile has contributed to environmental projects together with TEMA, a globally respected NGO in this field.

Joint projects with TEMA

1- Twin Village Project - Sukriye Village – 2000
2- Sukru Sankaya Commemoration Forest - 2006
3- Friends of Recycling Schools Project – 2007
4- Let’s Avert Global Warming - 2007


TEV-Sukru Sankaya Education Scholarship

TEV-Sukru Sankaya Education Scholarship - Yeşim TekstilYesim Textile realized the Sukru Sankaya Education Scholarship project under the leadership of its Social Responsibility Club in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV). The project aims to realize the aims of one of the founders of Yesim Textile, Sukru Sankaya, who attached great importance to matters of education. Under the slogan “Every step taken for education changes our life”, the Sukru Sankaya Educational Scholarship is a source of hope to successful university students experiencing economic difficulties. The fund is replenished in an organized manner through the support of Yesim Textile employees as well as the company’s customers and suppliers.

Sukru Sankaya Primary School and Anatolian High School

Şükrü Şankaya Anatolian High SchoolYesim Textile, which founded the Sukru Sankaya Primary School and Anatolian High School founded, provides moral and material assistance every year to support the educational work of these establishments.




Sharing with the Community

Global Compact Initiative Principles

In addition to these projects, Yeşim Tekstil has also become the first apparel and textile firm to sign on to UN Global Compact Network in 2006, agreeing to comply with the initiative's international principles concerning human rights, labor standards and the environment. Yeşim Tekstil has been regularly reporting all of the work it has been doing in areas of social responsibility and social harmony as a part of this voluntary network. You can reach these reports at:

Yesim Textile has taken an active role in efforts to recruit more companies to sign onto the Global Compact Initiative as a member of the board of directors at Global Compact Turkey since 2014.

"Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

Yesim Textile has voluntarily signed on to take an active part in "Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) co-founded by UN Women and UN Global Compact in 2015, and thus has made a promise to put greater efforts into promoting gender equality and empowerment of women in business and society, and report these efforts every year.