Home Textiles

Yeşim Tekstil Ev TekstiliYesim Textile manufactures world famous apparel brands, but also continues with the production of home textiles in which field the company first made its name. Yesim continues periodically to present new collections to the market as it has since 1983, when the company first began production of home textiles.

Yesim Textile first began exports of home textiles with the Matheis company, and this association continues to this day. The company has been manufacturing sheets for the Schlafgut brand that is consequently very well known in Turkey, for over 35 years. Yesim Textile’s portfolio of manufactured goods also includes bedclothes, quilt covers and table cloths.

As well as its cooperation with Matheis, Yesim Textile manufactures internationally known brand names such as Aldi, Rewe, Norma, Tchibo, Schlafgut, ITAV and KIK, with a capacity of some 100,000 units per day in the home textiles field.

Yesim Textile exported home textile products worth some € 67 million in 2015.

Innovative Fabrics a Center of Attention

Yeşim Tekstil - Innovatif KumaşYesim Textile prepares three seasonal collections for the Schlafgut brand every year. Innovative fabrics developed through the work of the R&D department are used in home textiles, as in the apparel sector.

Just as new and unusual demands are emerging generally throughout the world, so Yesim Textile is stamping its name on many innovations in this field. The company continues to challenge the market with bold fresh concepts in its home textile collections based upon its R&D team’s groundbreaking work developing fabrics with various specifications and functionalities.

The home textiles category consists of fitted sheets, quilt covers and bed linen sets, pillow cases, bed covers and table cloths, all produced in a range of different types of fabric.

BCI and Bluesign

Yeşim Textile continued to undertook the purchasing in accordance with the strategic partnership agreement with KİPAŞ so as to purchase yarns made of cotton within the frame of BCI certificate that are produced in an environmental friendly manner and sustainable conditions. Under the frame of the strategic agreement contracted, Yeşim Textile commits to use more yarns made of cotton that are comforting to Better Cotton (BCI) certificate and to orient its customers in this subject. Moreover, Yeşim Textile has the membership of Bluesign that is a standart for environment, health and production safety. Yeşim Textile has promised to obey the five principles of Bluesign standart which includes productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety.

Yeşim Home brand in production

Engaged in manufacturing of home textile products since the first day of its incorporation, Yeşim Textile now offers all its home textile products to its customers under the “Yeşim Home” brand.

Initially positioned as a manufacturer in the industry, Yeşim Textile has started to market its products in certain categories under its own brand in recent years. Marketing products manufactured from organic yarn under the brand “Yeşim Organic” and products manufactured from recycled yarn under the brand “Yeşim Recycle”, Yeşim Textile will now market its home textile products under the brand “Yeşim Home” to the domestic market in particular.