Social Facilities

Yeşim Tekstil - Crèche


Yesim Textile provides a free state-of-the-art kindergarten to meet the needs of employees’ children from 0-6 years, with a capacity of 1000 children. The Yesim Kindergarten continues to provide some 300 children with a parallel education to the private kindergarten system, aimed at forging the personal and social development of employees' children.

The kindergarten is staffed by a fully qualified and licensed team of 24 experts consisting of a manager, 2 rotating (shift) staff, 11 teachers, 1 nurse and 9 child-minders.

Transport Yeşim Tekstil Transport

Service buses that take employees to and from the premises are provided free of charge. Yesim Textile’s dedicated fleet of buses picks up workers from their different stops and brings them to work at the start of each shift, and drops them back at the stops nearest their homes at the end of their shifts, in a safe and efficient manner.

Health Center

The fully computerized health center operates to the standards of a private hospital in providing health care to Yesim Textile workers in two shifts. The facility comprises three doctors surgery rooms (one as back-up), a three-bed emergency first aid unit, and a two-bed infirmary for rest and recuperation with drip facilities equipped to the highest level of hospital comfort. The centre is staffed by 2 doctors, 3 nurses and an assistant. A dedicated ambulance is on 24-hour standby ready to intervene in the event of an emergency.