Women-friendly company

Yesim Textile adopted “Önce İnsan” (People First) principle has been protecting its positive attitude oriented women employees since it was established. Even the name of Yesim Textile was chosen among the Turkish female names and it has been making studies on gender equality and oriented its woman employees.

Yesim shares working mothers’ responsibilities on their children by its kindergarten established in 1986. In addition, Yesim supports women employees’ social and cultural developments with the activities of Women and Children Club since 2002.

Yesim Textile signed Turkey Quality Association’s “Management is a right for women” declaration in 2009, more than half of the employees of Yesim Textile are women .

Yesim Textile launched the World of Butterfly project in 2013 based on the motto “If women change, society changes”. Yesim Textile achieved to announce its studies about this project in global arena receiving the grant from the Soroptimist International European Action Fund.

Yesim Textile affiliated with Global Compact Turkey Board of Management in 2014. At the same time, it leads to studies about women in Turkey taking tasks in Global Compact Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Commission.

Yesim Textile also signed “Women’s Empowerment Principles” in 2015. These principles were formed by United Nations Women and United Nations Global Compact partnership in order to ensure gender equality and empower women in economic life. Thus, Yesim Textile promised about working and reporting for gender equality and empowering women in business life and in society.

Furthermore, Yesim Textile takes place in TUSIAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association) Gender Equality Working Group and in the Superior Consultative Committee of “Business world is against domestic violence” project which is conducted by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey. This project which was realized by United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), and Dutch Consulate grant with IPSOS’ research support. This project aims to create awareness about women rights in the business world and ensure that women have more effective roles in the business life ameliorating women’s work environment.

National and international awards about Women’s Empowerment

Yesim Textile received “The Best Private Company about Prioritizing Women Employment” award in 2010 from BUİKAD (Bursa Business and Professional Women’s Association) for the activities it has carried out for women and gender equality.

Within the frame of “Scrub-birds Discovers Bursa” project that Bursa Scrub-birds Platform carried out under the scope of 11 October International Day of the Girl Child, Yeşim Textile Women and Children Club was deemed worthy of a prize due to their works toward women and girl children in 2013.

Yeşim Textile was selected as the second best company in Turkey in a contest in the scope of the “increasing gender equality in the work life” activities carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2014.

Yesim Textile won 5000 € donation from the Soroptimist International Europe Action Fund by “The

World of Butterfly” project because of adding value to women’s lives and supports their

development as a sustainable project in 2015. This project is executed by Yesim Textile Women

and Children Club and Uludağ Soroptimist Club for women.